Harn Bennet Review

 good story with a neat premise. I liked the way the ocean science was woven into it. Human characterization was sometimes contradictory or overly cliche, and a few times the plot jumped rather too quickly. But there were several unique future-tech elements that tied the story together and the ending was well done.

A light and fun read, recommended.


Michael Aymes review

Novo Cetus is an exciting novel from new author Patrick Loper. Starting a story from the perspective of an animal can be a reach, but Loper does it neatly and obviously knows his subject well. At the right moment, the story brings in the human elements and picks up the pace. Blending natural science research with action adventure, the story shows us how the characters not only need to understand the creature but also themselves to succeed. Of course, there is a dark organization that wants what the creature represents, and with any good adventure, it's a race of good against bad to the finish, with a few surprises thrown in at the end.

Loper's world offers a great many story elements that are ripe for subsequent novels, and I hope to see the next one soon.